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Runtal Commercial/Institutional Radiators

Runtal Radiators is the world leader in radiant and hydronic heating. A favorite among architects and interior designers, Runtal’s sleek two-inch profile Euro-style flat-panel radiators are ideal replacements for fin-tube baseboard, cast iron baseboard or cast iron radiators. Runtal Radiators also may be used with low water temperatures, making them a perfect radiant alternative or complement to radiant floor heating, both electric radiant floor heating and hydronic (hot-water heating) radiant floor systems. Runtal can heat any size area, offering products that provide from a few hundred BTUH per foot to products affording over 4000 BTUH per foot.

RF panel radiators are manufactured in the USA from cold rolled steel, and equipped with convective fins. The panels are finished in a gloss powdercoat and available in many standard colors and over 100 optional colors. These panels are made in lengths from 2’-0” to 29’-6”, and heights from 3” to 29”. Energy efficient as well as space saving, RF panels are both radiant and convective. These panels provide more comfort at a lower room temperature than convective heaters. Standard piping connections are 1/2” NPT for inlet and outlet piping, and 1/8” NPT for vents (3/4” NPT inlets and outlets are available by special order). Wall mounting with a continuous mounting system (brackets included) is standard on all RF panels. Free standing, recessed wall, and curved panel mounting systems are also available.

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