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Nexus Nextrol Manual Balancing Valve

Established in 1994, Nexus Valve was founded with the intent of providing single sourcing of quality hydronic components to the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry at reasonable costs. The company founders and senior staff have over 75 years worth of experience in sales, design and distribution of HVAC and mechanical contracting products, and were among the earliest proponents of specialized hydronic components and packaging.

The Nextrol Series of Calibrated Balancing Valves is more than just a manual balance valve. The Nextrol offers a complete metering station with five (5) accessory ports. The two (2) 1/4”, one (1) 1/2” and two (2) 3/4” ports eliminate the need for costly field-installed weld-o-lets. Use it as a manual balance valve or to reduce piping joints. Valves are available in sizes ranging from 2.5” through 12” with accuracy of ±3%. Valve bodies are cast iron, ASTM 126, Class B with 200 PSIG (Water @ 250°F) rating. The TwinTube Pitot is 316 Stainless Steel tubes with brass fittings. The Butterfly Valve is epoxy coated cast iron, ASTM A126, lug type with 225 PSIG rating and stainless steel shaft and 275°F rated stainless steel disk.

Valves can be rotated 180° in-line, are bi-directional without the butterfly valve, and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. Ports are all FNPT and brass plugs are furnished for any unused ports. A wide range of accessories are available.

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